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IV Ketamine: A Cutting-Edge Treatment

Ketamine has made a mark on the medical world since its original use as an FDA-approved anesthetic.

It’s been recently discovered that ketamine provides symptom relief for conditions like depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and more when infused into the bloodstream at a low dose.

It stimulates areas of the brain responsible for promoting the growth and regrowth of neurotransmitters, essentially rewriting the parts of the brain that cause distress. Ketamine infusions boost both mood and thought patterns as a result.

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The Future of Mental Health Treatment

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We at New England Wellness Infusions have made it our mission to provide the residents of Vermont with an innovative treatment option for those with treatment-resistant conditions.

Our IV ketamine therapy option is groundbreaking in the medical world, reportedly helping 70% of patients find symptom relief after only one appointment.

When you visit New England Wellness Infusions, your health is our main priority. We take the time to get to know you so we can develop a care plan that is best suited for you and your specific needs.

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