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What Is CRPS?

According to the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association (RSDSA), roughly 200,000 US adults are diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) per year.

CRPS generally affects a specific limb after an injury or surgery, and the pain that occurs is out of proportion to the actual injury. It’s an uncommon condition that medical professionals are still working hard to decode completely. It is recommended to start treatment early to ease the symptoms.

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Sudden Pain

Sudden pain is a burning or ‘pins and needles’ sensation commonly linked to CRPS. In time, the pain can spread from the affected area and soon encompass the majority of the limb – it’s even known to spring up on the same spot on the opposite limb, although this is very rare. This “mirror pain,” as it’s come to be called, may indicate a connection to spinal cord neurons.

Impaired Muscle Strength

Although CRPS does not directly injure nerve fibers that control muscle movement, many with CRPS report having a decreased ability to move body parts impacted by their condition. Research suggests that pain in the sensory inputs that coordinate our movements trigger this. Additionally, in some uncommon cases, patients report abnormal movement in their limbs, abnormal posture (dystonia), and even tremors in movement.

Excess Bone Growth

X-ray imaging has revealed that bones receiving signals from CRPS-affected limbs can sometimes be affected by the condition. Fortunately, the right treatments can pinpoint where the damage has taken place and try different treatment choices to reduce the bone damage or growth. Additionally, enlarged regions of bone – perhaps a result of an injury that hasn’t healed – can aggravate the symptoms of CRPS.

best crps treatment near white river junction

Get Relief from the Pain

How IV Ketamine Can Help

The symptoms of CRPS can be difficult to cope with and affect your daily life, but treatment is possible. Ketamine has been used as a trusted anesthetic and painkiller for decades and is now a powerful treatment for chronic pain conditions.

By communicating with the NMDA receptor in the nervous system and other receptors, ketamine can influence the amounts of pain you experience. Additionally, ketamine is known to help treat some of the other side effects related to chronic pain, like depression or fatigue.

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