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What Is PTSD?

According To the US Department of Veteran Affairs, about 15 million adults have PTSD during a given year. PTSD, also known as post-traumatic stress disorder, is a disorder that can occur after witnessing or taking part in a traumatic occasion.

Symptoms deriving from PTSD often include nightmares, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, depression, mood fluctuations, and trouble sleeping. It can also lead to changes in behavior, like agitation, self-destruction, or social withdrawal.

At New England Wellness Infusions, we recognize how debilitating this condition can be and its impact on someone’s life. That’s why we believe in IV ketamine therapy. Up to 70% of patients report relief after just one session, unlike the weeks or months, it may take using other treatment choices.

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Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive thoughts are harmful or undesirable thoughts that pop into someone’s head without warning. Often they are fear-based, flashbacks, or inappropriate. Triggers can induce intrusive thoughts, but they can also show up unprompted. They can make you fear for your safety, such as telling you that you have a health condition without any evidence to support the claim. They can make you worry for the safety of others by making you fear for their safety whenever they aren’t around. They can also recall traumatic memories that someone would rather forget.


Avoidance is when someone with PTSD will go out of their way to steer clear of particular locations, people, or circumstances that could remind them of their traumatic experiences. This can impact a person’s everyday life if their coping avoidance mechanisms affect their work-life or private relationships.


Dissociation is how the brain safeguards itself from situations that could prove hazardous or distressing. It is a coping mechanism that is similar to daydreaming as a way to remove oneself from a scenario that a person might not be able to leave physically. However, it is more than just daydreaming, as it is a mental process that disconnects one from their thoughts, feelings, and memories in the moment.

best ptsd treatment near white river junction,

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How IV Ketamine Can Help

Living with PTSD can be demanding, and seeking treatment is a feat that should be acknowledged. At New England Wellness Infusions, we know how discouraging it can be to seek treatment and not see results, which can be the case with some conventional treatments. That’s where IV ketamine therapy comes in.

“… ketamine has been shown to result in a near-complete resolution of symptoms over the short term and seems to have similar findings to the use of ketamine in [major depressive disorder] MDD … With more investigation, ketamine may prove to be a viable tool in treating PTSD for those who fail more conventional treatments.– College of Medicine, SUNY Upstate Medical University.

With IV ketamine therapy, there is hope. Those who have given it a try report feeling relief in just one session instead of the weeks or months that traditional methods require to start. If you or a loved one have PTSD, contact us today.

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