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Restless Legs Syndrome

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What Is Restless Legs Sydrome?

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a disorder of the nervous system characterized by an uncontrollable urge to move your legs. This often feels like an itch, tingling, or creeping sensation in the legs that a person cannot find relief for.

RLS affects somewhere around 4% of children and 10% of adults in the United States. Without proper treatment, these symptoms can make everyday life a daunting task.

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Approximately 40% of individuals diagnosed with RLS have blood relatives who suffered from the condition, according to Harvard Health Publishing. If you have family members with RLS, this means that you yourself are more likely to develop this disorder in time. That said, genetics is not the only factor in play here.

Iron Deficiency

Another widely accepted theory about restless legs syndrome (RLS) is that it can be caused by low levels of iron. When you don’t have enough iron in your blood, your body may not produce the brain chemical dopamine, which aids in controlling movement. This eventually leads to discomfort, involuntary movements, and difficulty falling asleep.

Other Causes

Other conditions that are suspected to play a part in the development of RLS include causes arthritis, allergies, depression, Parkinson’s disease, substance abuse, nerve damage, brain chemistry, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis (MP), pregnancy, iron deficiency anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes.

best restless legs sydrome treatment near white river junction

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How IV Ketamine Can Help

The symptoms of RLS can be difficult to cope with during your everyday life, but with the right treatment, relief is possible. Ketamine has been used as an anesthetic and painkiller for half a century but is now a powerful treatment for chronic pain conditions like RLS.

By interacting with the NMDA receptor in the nervous system and other receptors, ketamine can affect the amounts of pain you experience. Additionally, ketamine is known to help treat several of the other side effects linked to RLS, like depression or fatigue.

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